'The Scarf'

Uploaded on Tuesday 21 February 2012


A young boy’s world is forever changed when his aging grandmother comes to stay.

Made during my final year at Sheridan (2010), the film reveals a period in a young boy’s life when his aging grandmother, dealing with the on-set of Alzheimer’s, comes to stay with his family. Young Leonard is naïve and puzzled by her increasingly odd behavior and seeks stability in their strained relationship, which is unraveling very much like her gift of a scarf…

Director’s Statement: I’m an animation film-maker and stop-motion artist, with a real passion for story-telling. As an aspiring independent film-maker, I want to create films that explore issues affecting daily aspects of life. I believe film has a powerful effect on our lives; it inspires, challenges, and shapes our worldview. The driving thought behind The Scarf is the emphasis on ‘has, not is’; that people are not defined by their current condition, state of health or lack thereof. That we identify someone not by their disease, not as a patient, but for the person they are.


Language: English

Length: 3:19

Country: Canada