The Story Keeper

Uploaded on Monday 28 January 2013


A seven year old boy was being victim of what the II WW was doing to Paris, one day in his shaken childhood one fact marked in seconds the rest of his life. Every fact, every name, every photo that he found from then on were pieces of the puzzle that this documentary finally helps him put together, for the eyes of the world to know and to now keep forever.

The Storykeeper is a deeper look into how a man took an event that had a great impact upon him as a child, the crash of the B-17 of the USAF 96th Bomb Group on June 22, 1944 over his neighborhood in Paris, and assembled the story with a wider view that encompassed the whole truth.

The Documentary shows René Psarolis at the final tasks of his journey after he has dedicated most of his life to finding the documents, eyewitness accounts, photographs and details and fitting them together with intricate care, to present these fascinating facts to the families of the American plane crew and the people of Paris who had suffered the horrors of the war and still resisted so bravely. The documentary helps Rene returning the story to who needed to know it the most, because history is powerful. And the world must not forget, these stories must be kept and that is why he has become the Storykeeper.


Language: French

Length: 3:15

Country: France