Third Law - Gold

Uploaded on Sunday 20 April 2014


Filmed on the Gallery Stage at Luton Aid 9.
Hat Factory Luton


They're back again, the only band to have played every LutonAid kick start the Main Stage on Saturday.

Third Law are.............. well, we're not a Rock band or a Metal band or a Country band or a Pop band; we're a Rock band AND a Metal band AND a Country band AND a Pop band. We're the type of band where the song is the key, not the label. With hundreds of gigs between us and still loving playing live we're as excited by music now as we were when we started out, and there's been a Third Law since 2000 and this one since 2011, and plan to be for a good few years yet. Come to LutonAid and find out what we're all about.


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United Kingdom