TILT: The Gear

Uploaded on Wednesday 18 August 2010


Yes. I know this video is 8 minutes long. But I'm kind of an equipment nerd, and shooting with a DSLR is so completely new to me, I just get excited. Be glad that I chopped it way down to 8 min. Here is a video about a few of the new pieces of equipment I picked up to shoot TILT with.

The shoulder rig I got from RedRock Micro. http://www.redrockmicro.com/

The follow focus is a D|Focus unit that I ordered from http://www.jag35.com. http://jag35.com/new/products/dfocus/

If you have questions about anything, let 'em fly. I'll answer anything I can.
Shoot me an email at philontilt at gmail.com or on twitter @Philontilt

And don't forget to check out the film that we are using this stuff for...


Language: English

Length: 8:12

Country: United States

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