Tinuy-An Falls in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur

Uploaded on Saturday 21 January 2017


Dubbed as the Little Niagara of the Philippines. This is a tier kind of waterfalls with I believe around four or five tiers, forgot to really check it because when we arrived, the water was too strong that we are only limited to staying a bit away from the waterfalls. The water splashes also limited our cameras to plainly using just the GoPro Action camera. Even the mobile phones were not usable as the water splashes can already wet up the device.

In the video, I had stitched the clips we had taken from the en route coming from the Enchanted River. I got really interested with their motorcycle for rent vehicles because they had customized it to having its own roof for rain and too much heat protection. We all find it pretty legit and interesting at the same time. It seems we got ideas on how to design our own motorcycle in the future.

Anyways, I guess our trip to the Tinuy-An Falls could have been much more enjoyable if the weather was cooperative but because there was a low pressure hitting the province which we can't do anything about it, the location and the enjoyment had been compromised. However, it doesn't mean that because the weather wasn't that good that we didn't appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls.

Indeed it is a huge one, the waters are great and endless. Its strong pressure could swipe anyone off if one would try to stand in the waters. In fact one floater was brought by the rushing waters down to the lake since one of the guests who went down to the basin of the waterfalls using the bamboo raft dropped it.

I decided not to go into the water because of how strong the water pressure and also, it seems the ropes which the personnel were holding into was not that sturdy enough. I personally felt the guests are not safe. Perhaps it would be okay to do so if the water was calm.

I had bought some key chains for my colleagues back in Cebu. Enjoy the video I had stitched!

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