TRAILER Killerbus (Germany 2004, 35min.)

Uploaded on Thursday 27 May 2010


Somewhere, in the midst of snowy peaks and monumental rocks three gangsters are cruising in one of the coolest vehicles the world has ever seen: the Killerbus! Twoface, Christoph and Chap, who's called Smutje by his two companions, carry out orders which are slightly outside the law.

Chap is the new one of the team. Christoph and Twoface are telling him of his predecessor, the old Smutje. The target of the last order was Sergio Profit. Location: an old storehouse used by Profit for an illegal auction of fighting dogs. The signed up whore Chantal is seducing Karl, Profits bodyguard.

My first bigger film project. We started Killerbus in 2002, graduated with the film in 2003, but didn't finish it until 2004. I was producer and screenwriter. It was the toughest shoot I've ever been on. (Ask me if you want to hear horror film stories from set :)


Language: German

Length: 02:16

Country: Germany

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