Transfert - Vampire Short Film

Uploaded on Tuesday 10 December 2013


Halès is now Thierry Beauthéac, a handsome airline pilot with a fantastic apartment and a carefree lifestyle until he gets some bad news from the doctor. Now, he must find a way to escape his bodily prison before the disease takes over.

The task: write, direct and edit a horror movie inserting a bathing cap, the sentence "There's a crisis" and the character of Thierry or Thérèse Beauthéac; airline pilot, all in only 48 hours. FatCat films accepted the challenge and "Transfert" won the 2008 Best Film award at the 48 Hour Film Project: Filmapalooza during the Miami International Film Festival held in March 2009.


Language: French

Length: 8:13

Country: France