Uploaded on Tuesday 22 August 2017


To Write, Direct and Edit in 48hrs, FatCat Films took the bet, like 2700 other crews from around the world, and won.

With TRANSFER, Pierre Zandrowicz, Antoine Cayrol and Victor Lech won the best picture award of the 48 hours Film Project 2008 at the Miami International Film Festival.

On the menu: Constraints and an imposed genre: To make a horror movie inserting a bathing cap, the sentence "There's a crisis" and the character of Thierry or Thérèse Beautheac; airline pilot.

Thierry Beautheac is an Airline Pilot. Charm and handsome, he's living a peaceful life in Paris, when he's not traveling between NYC and Tokyo. Then suddenly, he changes. He doesn't seem like himself, anymore...


Language: English

Length: 7:50

Country: France