Ubay Dairy Farm

Uploaded on Monday 9 October 2017


Chocobao is my favorite flavored carabao's milk from Ubay Stock Farm but I didn't have any idea on how these were manufactured. Last weekend, the entire family of 8 went to check out the process of milking these cross breed carabaos between Murreh Buffalo and Bulgarian Carabao to produce more milk and good quality meat.

The facility has been around for two decades already and that they have been supplying different shops all over Bohol like the Bohol Bee Farm! I was actually surprised learning that and I had to try their icecream so I can distinguish which one is better.

The staff at the Ubay Dairy Farm allows visitors to try the traditional hand milking. It was quite hard for first timers specially for my brother. It was funny and yet exciting for us to be pushing and squeezing the carabao's body part just to squirt out milk from it.

I also enjoyed the feeding of milk to the calves at the calvs area. They were little carabaos which needs attention that it requires the staff to manually feed milk them by hand.

I have created a blog about the Dairy Farm below:


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