Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


Hi, My name is Iván L. Gimeno, an European filmmaker & screenwriter from Spain.
I also cover the main music festivals of Europe as free journalist and direct video clips for many bands in my country
This is one of the reasons why i´m trying to direct my next project called Undergroundz
Undergroundz is a rockumentary about new hype artists & bands
We select no more than a dozen bands that are trying to edit his first record.
The bands are of different genres & styles from hip-hop to indie & rock
We make them and interview & complete survey about themselves, the creativity stage & the music scene today
We also count with the opinions from promoters, journalist and managers from the industry to get a whole vision of the music scene
All that stuff is mixed with pieces of live acts,performances in festivals & rehearsals to get the final rockumentary edit
The main difference with other documentaries is that they talk about the past, about things that happened anytime
In Undergroundz we are talking about this present and the future
Last year I was in New York studying digital filmmaking and I contact with so many bands interested
I talk about NY, but now i´m preproducing the Spanish version of Undergroundz, because you can produce any different undergroundz versions in any area with a exciting music scene: London, L.A, Berlin…
Undergroundz is easy & cheap to produce & sell for tv´s,and an excellent platform for searching partners & sponsors, so I think that is very attractive for anyone interested.
You can ask me & contact to get a complete dossier or a video book of my past jobs


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Country: United States