Ur. 1972 Early Spring

Uploaded on Tuesday 12 July 2011


I'm currently a 19 year old student at USC and became friends with a girl Emmie down there who used to intern for this company called Urban 1972, an online fashion store based out of Los Angeles. Well at school I'm not studying film, but I like to make videos on the side and my friend Emmie told me about some of the clothes she makes on her own. I've always been interested in clothes and fashion, to an extent, so I thought it would be cool to make a promo with her modeling her clothes. After that experience she started interning at Urban 1972, at which point the company was looking to get into video promos on some of their shoots. Emmie referred them to me, and so this was one of my first fashion videos as well as theirs.

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Language: English

Length: 1:17

Country: United States

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