Vena Amoris - Submission to ÉCU 2013

Uploaded on Monday 28 January 2013


Vena Amoris begins with a devious meeting between Aleksis, Harry, and four masked men with a white van. Harry hands Aleksis a box with an intimidating pair of pliers inside. Aleksis nods and smiles at Harry. The men in masks get in the van and the elders drive off.

An unwitting James is on the phone. After an endearing conversation with his drop dead gorgeous fiancé, Milenka, James is immediately confronted with the first of a series of tests: temptation. He meets a sexy woman, Ashly, in the elevator. She aggressively flirts with him. He is so overwhelmed by her beauty that, when she gives him her card, he dumbly takes it when the doors open.

As they part ways, the second test is initiated: torture. When James gets to his car, the four men in black ski masks jump out of a nearby van and abduct him. They handcuff him and put a bag over his head. He struggles, but it’s no use.

His head is uncovered in a dark room with one light. He is sitting on a chair with his hands tied behind his back. The men in ski masks dissolve into the darkness as one man materializes into the light. James is relieved to see Aleksis, his fiancés father. His relief is short lived: this is not a pre-paternal visit. Aleksis questions James’ devotion to Milenka, then wraps the pliers around James’ ring finger and orders him to refuse Milenka’s hand. James panics and then…


Language: English

Length: 1:04

Country: United States