Violence in Theater-Dark Knight Shooting Tragedy

Uploaded on Monday 13 August 2012


July 20, 2012, The Dark Knight Rises aired in North America. However, a shooter came into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and fired. He killed 12 innocent people. The shooter James Holmes, called himself the joker, who is a villain from the Batman movie. Hello Hollywood! will bring you to that night and discuss the history of Violence in movie theater.
2012年7月20日凌晨,是蝙蝠侠系列电影的最后一部《黑暗骑士崛起》上映的时刻。就在科罗拉多州欧罗拉市世纪16影院的观众们兴致勃勃的准备观赏影片时,一名蒙面的枪手冲进了电影院开始疯狂扫射,造成了12个无辜的生命死亡,58人受伤。 这位以蝙蝠侠中反派角色“小丑”自称的凶手,很难说不是受到了电影的影响。今天HH就带你走进这场枪击案的真相,与你一起探讨美国电影与暴力事件的关系。


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