Watch Me WIP: ANOTHER GREAT DAY in MANiLA [Drawing #13]

Uploaded on Wednesday 28 June 2017


Hello! Good day everyone! Remember when I told in my previous video that it was going to be my last Watch Me WIP for the mean time? Yup, even I thought it was going to be the last for a while but I suddenly wanted to make a fan art in celebration for the 2nd anniversary of LiSA’s concert here in Manila.

I drew a little version (or what they call “chibi” in Japanese) of LiSA wearing the outfit she wore here in her Manila concert. I honestly love that she paired her signature skirt with a shirt that has the word “Manila” on it. And if you look closer at the details of her shirt, you’ll see colorful coconut leaves! So cute!

Meanwhile, you may be wondering what is a glass of halo-halo doing beside her? Well, it was just one of the Filipino foods LiSA fell in love with and can’t forget. In fact, she made a song entitled “Halo-Halo” in her mini album “Hi FiVE”. I just thought it would be best to recreate the memories of her concert with a drawing of herself and the Filipino food she loved most.

Here’s a photo of LiSA for reference:

I also drew in a much simpler way than on my previous drawings because I’m taking a little break on making detailed drawings. I’ll go back again to that technique when I found something interesting to draw again. Hehe!

There you have it! I hope you like my 13th series! I think this is also my first time to draw a food. Lol. Glad it was a halo-halo!

Thanks for watching!


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