Watch Me WIP: Because He is My Hero [Drawing #20]

Uploaded on Wednesday 20 September 2017


Hello everyone! Finally! It’s been really a long time since I did my last Watch Me WIP series. And since it will be my first drawing in a while, I decided to draw someone who is familiar to me, Oribe Risa or popularly known as LiSA.

The LiSA I drew on this video is her style on her 12th single “Datte Atashi no Hero” or “Because He is My Hero” in English translation. She added some shades of brown to her trademark pink hair highlights this time. By the way, LiSA is a Japanese pop/rock and anisong(anime song) singer.

I tried doing the sketch a little more sloppy this time because I saw other artists do it, so I dared to try it too. (Lol.) Anyway, I’m quite satisfied with the result and it felt like it was easier to draw this way. Maybe I should do it this way from now on.

Drawing the hair is the most enjoyable yet so tiring part for me. To achieve this kind of texture for the hair, you just have to set the size of your brush from thick to thin each time you change your color. For the face, finding the right colors for the shadow and highlight is important. I hope I did okay on the face. (Hehe) For the laces on her hair, I dropped the opacity around 70 and drew lines around it. Remember to keep the objects you are to change the opacity on a separate layer so that it won't affect other objects.

That’s it! The only tool I used to make this drawing is a brush. I hope you guys like my drawing and I hope my drawing technique had improved even just a little.

Thanks for watching!


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