Watch Me WIP: Hair and Flower Tutorial [Drawing #7]

Uploaded on Monday 27 March 2017


Hello! Welcome to another Watch Me WIP Tutorial! Today, I am going to show how I put shadows and highlights on the hair. Plus a bonus tutorial on how I made the floral prints on the girl's blouse.

For the shadow of the hair, I chose three varying darker colors close to the hair's base color. And two colors lighter to the base color for the highlight. I chose one that is lighter than the base color while the other is almost white so it would give a light-like reflection to the hair. Always keep the colors on separate layers so you can easily edit your drawing just in case you want to change something.

For the floral prints, I used two colors: the base color and a darker one for the shadow. Draw the outline first, then fill with the base color. Then draw the shadow.

Remember, there are many techniques in drawing and I am just doing things my way.

Drawing software: Clip Studio Paint

Thanks for watching!


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Language: English

Country: Philippines