Watch Me WIP: Happy Pocky Day [Drawing #25]

Uploaded on Saturday 11 November 2017


Hello friends! Welcome to a sudden Watch Me WIP series! Yesterday, just as I finished my 24th drawing, I remembered that today is the worldwide celebration of Pocky.

Pocky is a popular biscuit stick coated with different flavors. This snack is a product from Japan.

Now let’s talk about my drawing here. Does the girl’s outfit and stance look familiar to you? If you are watching the anime One Piece then you’ll know for sure that I based it on a character named Roronoa Zoro. Zoro is a pirate hunter and has three swords which he uses for his sword technique called santoryu. Well, I just had this fun idea of turning all the swords into pocky biscuits. So, voila! Here’s a girl holding three pocky in a santoryuu stance. Let’s call it a “pocky santoryu!”

Program used for drawing is Clip Studio Paint. Tools used are G Pen and Marker Pen. I also used a brush to create a watercolor or smoke effect for the background. My medium for drawing is Wacom Intuos Comic.

So, Happy Pocky Day everyone! Have you eaten Pocky today? Which flavor is your favorite? For me, I ate a matcha flavored Pocky today.

Thanks for watching!

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Country: Philippines