Watch Me WIP: Katsanslimites Self-portrait [Drawing #11]

Uploaded on Sunday 18 June 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 11th Watch Me WIP! For people who have seen my previous drawings, you may have noticed that I mostly draw fan arts of LiSA. Since it’s been already quite awhile doing Watch Me WIP, I decided to make a fan art of Katsanslimites. Yes, finally a fan art for myself!

First of all, please do not get fooled by my drawing. I have to make myself beautiful as much as I can in this drawing, and if you think the image was good, then thanks! It lets me know that I made a great job. Haha!

I'm sorry but I will not be including my reference photo for privacy purposes and to keep my identity safe, but don't worry because I will point out the things I modified.

♦ Dress - I have never worn a Filipiniana in my whole life. Wish I could wear one someday.

♦ Hairstyle - I decided to draw an updo hairstyle with braids on the sides to bring out a simple and neat vibe which suits with the Filipiniana dress. My hair color in real life is black and made it a little hazelnut-like color in this drawing.

♦ Makeup and accessories - I don’t wear makeup and accessories in real life. Lol.

♦ Nose - I am not blessed with a cute small nose but who said I can’t have it? My imagination is my limit! Haha!

♦ Complexion - maybe I made it a little lighter in the drawing. I’m quite bad at choosing colors for skin and putting highlights and shadows too.

Honestly, I cringe a little with how the dress turn out. Maybe I should practice more drawing dresses.

So how was my Watch Me WIP series today? Wish I can look as pretty as my drawing. Haha!

Drawing Software: Clip Studio Paint

Thanks for watching!


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