Watch Me WIP: LiSA -the MOON- [Drawing #5]

Uploaded on Friday 9 December 2016


Hello there again! Welcome to my 5th Watch Me WIP series! For today, I am going to draw another fan art of LiSA from her recent concert "NEVER ENDiNG GLORY." On my previous video, I drew her with the SUN theme, so for this video I am making her second theme—the MOON.

LiSA is a rising star in Japan who is well-known for singing anime songs. She sang songs for the hit anime series Sword Art Online, Angel Beats!, Nisekoi, Fate Zero, and many more! I kept saying “rising star” because I really can’t tell how famous LiSA is. She is not the most popular and not everyone knows her, even in her own country Japan. Well, that was based from a Japanese friend of my friend. Lol. But hey, I think she is already famous enough even though some people don’t know her because she just had a major 2-day concert at Yokohama Arena last November 26 and 27! Imagine how huge that venue is! That alone proves her undeniable popularity.

So much for LiSA’s background. Hehe! Moving on to the video, I based her dress and shoes from her outfit during her second day concert while the hair and crown was inspired from her photoshoot for her concert photo book. It was refreshing to see LiSA with a blonde hair but I’d still prefer her black with reddish pink hair.

I drew using a pen/graphic tablet and a drawing software I just recently installed. I’m still getting the hang of it but hopefully I would get used to it soon. As you have noticed, I had already drawn the lines and what you can see on the video is just me filling it with colors. Forgive me for that, I have spent a huge time making the outline and the video would surely end up very long if I include it.

There you go! I hope you like my 5th video and I really hope this idea of Watch Me WIP series would help me improve my drawing! I think I'm already improving especially with the arms, hands and feet.

Thanks for watching!


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