Watch Me WIP: Minion LiSA [Drawing #12]

Uploaded on Friday 23 June 2017


Hello everyone! This is going to be my last entry for Watch Me WIP..for now. I have to give my hands some rest because I recently got another callous on my ring finger. Lol.

Moving on, we all know that Despicable Me recently released its third sequel. But let me clear that this isn’t the reason why I thought of making a minion drawing. LiSA is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and she is a huge fan of the yellow tiny evil but cute minions, so I came up with this crazy idea of turning LiSA into a minion or more like a minion cosplaying(costume play) LiSA. It’s a birthday gift for her so I hope she likes it. However, before wishing she likes it, I hope she gets the chance to at least see it. (*crossed fingers*) Haha! Surely, she will be very busy on her special day as she is going to be receiving lots of greetings from everyone and I am afraid my gift just might go unnoticed.

The steps on how I drew Minion LiSA is just actually simple. Although the details of the coat and megaphone took me some time to complete. I used some of her photos and some clips from her LiTTLE DEViL PARADE music video for reference. Like what I do on my previous drawings, I apply first the base colors then the shadows. I make use of layers to do my drawings a lot easier. If you are kind enough to share a better technique, please feel free to share it with me.

That’s it! I honestly enjoyed doing this drawing even though it was tiring. The callous was worth it. Haha!

Thanks for watching!


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