Watch Me WIP: Violet [Drawing #24]

Uploaded on Friday 10 November 2017


Hello and welcome to my 24th Watch Me WIP! Today’s drawing is quite special because it’s a redrawn version of one of my drawings 3 years ago.

The first time I was able to create a digital art was in 2011 during our Multimedia class. However, I was only able to properly draw digitally when I bought a pen tablet last year. So from 2011 to 2016 I was drawing digitally by only using my laptop’s touchpad. People usually get surprised when they knew about it.

Alright! Fast forward to 2017! Now that I have a proper medium to unleash my drawings, I thought of recreating a drawing I did last 2014. I think I had already somehow improved my skills although this is not a fair comparison because I made them using different mediums. But hey, I can quite create painting-like drawings already so I might’ve improved already. I included an image of my 2014 drawing at the end of the video for comparison. What do you think?

I only used a brush tool to draw the image. Program used is Clip Studio Paint while drawing medium used is Wacom Intuos Comic. Time spent to complete the drawing is about four hours.

My drawing is still not the best and I believe you cannot be an expert overnight. You have to be patient and continuously working on it because practice makes a progress, a progress to perfection!

Thanks for watching!


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