What the dwarf sees - Submission to ÉCU 2013

Uploaded on Friday 11 January 2013


It looks like cinema; through its emotional strength, it tastes like cinema, but let’s not be mistaken, it is a particularly mastered contemporary work of art for which cinema is – here - the chosen vector for the last creation by Guido’Lu.
Around the concept of attempt and failure, the duet Guido’Lu shake 13 characters (coming from reformed theatrical scenes) connecting us to our cracks, to our desperate need to feel love, to our "urge to live", to our troubled zones.
In the steps of David Lynch, Guido’Lu contact our inner world, our unconscious fantasies, our psyche... In this touching, rhythmic, intense piece, the duo tells us a lot on what is lived, is felt… and cannot express themselves in any other way, as art conveys things one knows while ignoring them, art expresses the inexpressible. Guido’Lu offer a peculiar finished work of high artistic level: it is strong, colourful, mind blowing,
moving, generous, amusing, pathetic. "what the dwarf sees" ? Out of our self-sufficiency, we wrestle with the existential question "To be or not to be?".
It's definitely the challenge of this new century."


Language: Silent

Length: 5:37

Country: France