Women's Epee 2003 World Cup Saint-Maur

Uploaded on Sunday 3 January 2010


Fencing 2003 World Cup in Saint-Maur, France for women's epee. Study a complete table of 8 with the top ranked Women Epee fencers in the world. The final 4 is a battle between France and Hungary while the top 8 has representation from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Tournoi de Saint Maur is a great women's epee competition that took place in France March 2003. Laura Flessel (FRA) vs. Hajnalka Toth (HUN); Adrienn Hormay (HUN) Hajnalka Picot Kiraly (FRA); Elisa UGA (ITA, Kathrin Holz (GER), Gianna Burki Hablutzel (SUI), Tatiana Fakhroutdinova (RUS)

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Language: English

Length: 42 mins

Country: United States