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Xcorps 28. WINTER X - FULL SHOW - Crystal Fambrini hosts this special winter edition show which takes the X viewer from southern California to a snowboard/ski event in Switzerland, to Nepal and the top of the world Mt. Everest and to Antarctica's tallest peak Mt.Vinson. The show opens with cool new Tooth and Nail records band Underoath rolling out the tunes to hot host Crystal in a blizzard at the local Mtn.High resort. Looking cool she opens a segment from Europe in Verbier Switzerland where pro snowboarders and skiers tear it up in an event called the Carlsberg High Five, which stands for BIG fun! Great music here from Suburban NoiZe records band the Kotton Mouth Kings. After the break the Winter X show continues with more action from Europe and some words from the participants. Then it's back to So. Cal where Crystal introduces an amazing segment about Mtn. climber Tom Whitaker the first amputee to scale the worlds tallest peak Everest! Great documentary shots here by cameraman Jeff Rhodes. Matching music by 5 one - 51 bpm.com See what climber Tom Whitaker thinks the great advantage losing a leg gave him. The next winter X segment drops down to the worlds coldest continent Antarctica where Xcorps filmmaker Brad Grant takes his cameras on a subzero hike to the top of Mt. Vinson. See what it looks like from a point on this earth few see and what it takes to get there. Music by Maverick records band Deftones doing their haunting song "Minerva". After that it's back to blizzard conditions 2 hours from the beach at Mtn.High where Crystal talks with resort marketing head John McColly about snow and the resorts unique location. Lot's of cool winter X action here and some last words from Crystal Fambrini who recaps the show. Tunage from Paul Oakenfold and his song "Motion". The show closes out with XC host Jason Lazo looking supersonic for an upcoming Xcorps show called 'MIG 21'. Stay tuned! A J.S.Edmondson FilM - 4/06 Trt-22:00
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