Xcorps 46. SNOWBIKE 2 - Full Show

Uploaded on Friday 14 November 2014


Xcorps 46. SNOWBIKE 2 - Full Show - This winter X show features team Xcorps returning to the So Cal mountains to ride snow bikes and mini foot snowboards at Mountain High and Big Bear Resorts in a suicide race called the Kamikaze Downhill! This Xcorps episode includes more exclusive footage of 15 athlete riders on high performance BMX and mountain bike frames converted for high speed snow racing! We cleared the mountain for this one with only snowbikes tearing down the fast slopes led by team XBIKE rider and bike-ski conversion kit inventor Matt Hanson. Xcorps on camera reporter Jason Lazo opens the show from the beach at San Clemente Ca less than 2 hours drive from the Big Bear ski resort. Jason thros to co-host X Guru Eric Ducharme who is hanging with snowbike conversion kit inventor Matt Hanson who demonstrates how to convert any bike into a snowbike! If you can ride a bicycle you can handle the black diamonds as demonstrated by BMX rider Brian Bubba Smith who starts things off with a Rodeo Can and a smooth long Tail whip! Sweet! Next the X cams jump a few mountains north to Mountain High Resort where team rider Steve Caprio first time demos another product introduced on Xcorps - Snowmadz - mini snowboards for the feet! Check out Steves hilarious 1st run down the mountain pumped by SubNoiZe band (hed)p.e. doing "Born To Ride"! Then its back to Bear Mountain with Bubba and the Gang of 15 on the edge of control! Great snowbike action shots here with sun and snow and new music-our specialty on XC! Stay tuned as Bubba drops some sound bytes on what he thinks of his ride with skis and the next bike he plans to convert! After the break the show returns to the beach where Jason is talking to beach blond So Cal surfer Jennifer Hunter about her website BOB - an acronym for Bitches on Boards - an action sports online social site for anyone who rides a board - Surf Skate or Skim! Fun shots of chicks ripping here! Then its time for more wild snowbike action with Bubba and the boys edited with a new music video from RIVE with the band Showbread doing their song The Pig. Bubba talks about some of his crossover moves. Only on XC! Segment 5 opens with Eric The X Guru at the top of Bear Mountain ready for a Kamikaze downhill race involving over a dozen snowbikes in a hells bells race from the top of the mountain to the bottom lodge driven hard by (hed)p.e. tune Bloodfire! The show closes out with Jason Lazo at the beach to recap the action with a promise of another dose next time right here on Xcorps! See the Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
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