Xcorps Action Sports TV #16.) THE MUSIC seg.2

Uploaded on Monday 13 January 2014


Xcorps 16. THE MUSIC -seg.2- The core of Xcorps IS the music so go ahead and crank up the volume on this special music video XC episode featuring the host team of Rozlyn Bradle and Jason Lazo watching music videos and spinning vinyl poolside at RoZs new Burbank California crib. The show opens with Jason ringing Roslyns bell at her new LA valley pad complete with pool and resident lover D.J.Dan who hooks the show up with a wide spread of new cool videos c/o friends at RIVE video promotions. From poolside and with blue margs in hand Roz and J throw to the mix. First off is a Retro Hop look back with a rap video by the band CHARIZMA and PEANUT BUTTER WOLF circa San Jose, Ca - 1992. Early Rap here folks! Don't miss the roots footage here with a band that is part of the west coast history of Hip Hop. Next Roz and J twist it up a whole lot with a visit to the abstract reggae world of our friend EEK A MOUSE and his insanity video 'Schizophrenic'. Are you talking to me? Cool video effects here as well as EEK wardrobe creativity to back the insanity. Included after that is a great interview Jason did with Eek backstage at the Doheny Days music festival in Dana Point California. Check out the Mouse history lesson and hear how he stays in his onstage fighting shape! Next in rolls some rock with a solid video from the band PILLAR performing their song 'Bring Me Down'. Roman White directs this pricey looking hard hitting music film shot at the Tenn. State prison where the movie 'The Green Mile' was shot. Following the video are some words from the Flicker Records band and some behind the scenes shots where the crew throws rocks at the band and the ceiling caves in. Rock on! Roslyn then turns viewers on to something new from Sweden - a Relapse Records band called BURST and their vid 'Save the Lives'. Trying to figure this one out is pretty fun but don't watch this if you dislike insects and power lines and more insects and powerlines! This Xcorps music special wraps poolside with show hosts RoZ and J closing it up with another Retro Hop look at Charizma and the PP Wolf. Badda Bing Bing Bing.! See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps. TRT-29:30 Seg.2 TRT-3:15 Close Captioned J.S.Edmondson 7/04 release ©2013TheXcorps http://www.xcorpstv.com/



Language: English

Length: 3:15

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