Xcorps Action Sports TV #20.) XPO seg.5

Uploaded on Saturday 15 February 2014


Xcorps 20. XPO -seg.5- This high rolling Xcorps episode doses the viewer with sick action with host Eric Ducharme riding the rare Randal motorized skateboard and features a cool Xsports event called the Extreme XPO all powered by new music and video from one of our favorite bands - Primus. The show opens with a skate jam at a local Encinitas Ca parking lot with Eric The X Guru fueling up the unique Randal mid engine motor board. Not sold in stores and with only 60 made in 1995 by Randal, known for their high speed skate trucks, this rare board rocks with a 27cc shaft drive motor, centrifugal clutch and Randal skate trucks. Great on board POV shots here as Eric demo rides this very cool board wide open. Hear how he rates the rig and ride. Next the show rolls back in time to 1997 to the Del Mar California fairgrounds and an event produced by the X Guru called the Extreme XPO. The roots of Xcorps were influenced by this huge indoor/outdoor X Sport Fest illustrating how our producers were way ahead of the times by featuring sports like mountain boarding, freestyle BMX with Ryan Nyquist on his Haro along with half pipe action on inline skates, bikes and boards and even a few words from host Jason Lazo at the start of his on camera TV career reporting for Planet X TV! Check a wacky pack race around the track with pocket bikes, 4 man Go Peds, Rollercycles, Fly bikes and Eric on a mini cart. Nice style Xman. Freestyle races rule especially with a mixed bag like this! After that Eric intros a new video from our friends at RIVE with new Primus recorded live November 2004 at the Chicago Aragon Ballroom. Good to see Primus back onstage again. After the break Primus returns with more live video from their Hallucino Genetics tour and a performance of the song Pudding Time backed by shots from local Encinitas skate jammers who can stick their moves. Meanwhile the XGURU takes a few more gas powered runs on his classic Randal motor board. The show wraps with some comedy from Primus and a theatrical look at band member Les Claypool in the year 2065 talking about their Woodstock 1994 gig! Additional music from the band Collective Soul and their CD Youth. TRT-29:30 1/2005
Seg.5 TRT-3:33
A J.S.Edmondson Film
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Language: English

Length: 3:33

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