Xcorps Action Sports TV #22.) WAKEBOARD seg.4

Uploaded on Saturday 14 December 2013


Xcorps 22. WAKE BOARD -seg.4- The X action and music kick off in this Xcorps episode with a close up look at the X sport of wake boarding along with an all access pass to the biggest party of the year in San Diego NFL Rams running back Marshall Faulks birthday blowout held at the pimpist night spot in San Diego On Broadway downtown. The show opens with sweet guest host Crystal Fambrini at the coolest nightclub in San Diego - On Broadway located downtown San Diego in a converted bank complete with bar in vault, 2 story ceilings and dancing Go-Go-Go girls moving on the marble to D.J. Kid Capri spinning discs. Xcorps cameras rolled all the fun centered around a birthday party for Rams running back Marshall Faulk and amigo Rick Ahmuaha. Crystal talks with the man of the night! See what Marshall has to say about the gig. Crystal then throws it to Xcorps host Bob Woodard on his fishing boat on San Diego Bay with Wakeworld.com Dave Williams and wake rider Chris Resnick. Who said you can't wake behind a fishing boat! Check out the crazy inverted San Diego Bay wake action here edited into a cool music video from Road Runner Records band SpineShank. Thanks RIVE promotions for hooking XC up with this great band. After the break the big air wake action continues from salt water bay to fresh water lake 25 miles north of San Diego on lake San Vicente where pro wakers Evelyn Zerr Nelson and Ricky Gonzales pull fast and hard behind the Wakeworld.com boat for the Xcorps cameras. It was a super clean day on the lake with Evelyn and Ricky pulling huge smooth moves all shot from 2 boats, a camera under the H2O as well as insane POV shots from a camera attached to Evelyns wakeboard! This is pre GO PRO folks and the camera we attached to Evelyn's board was pretty big! Music from the Maverick Records Tony Hawk CD with Papa Roach jamming Infest. Guest host Pete Clark asks Evelyn how wake boarding makes her feel. The next segment includes a film noir video from one of Brazils hottest cranking bands Sepultura performing the song 'Mind War'. Thanks Rive and Acadamia de Filmes for the driving cool vid. After that its back to the wake action on lake San Vicente with Evelyn hucking move after sweet move to Alien Ant Farm and their song 'Wish'. After the break its back to downtown San Diego and the party at On Broadway for Marshall Faulk talking to Crystal about his party of the year and what he wants people to remember. The show closes out with XC host Bob Woodard back on his boat The DropBack on San Diego bay and a few more sweet moves from Chris Resnick off the wake. Bringing viewers all the good stuff baby! Additional music from Ozomatli and Alien Ant Farm. TRT-29:30 Seg.4 Trt-5:46 Closed Captioned 3/05 See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! ©2013 The Xcorps http://XcorpsTV.com/



Language: English

Length: 5:46

Country: United States