Xcorps Action Sports TV #25.) MOTOSK8 seg.5

Uploaded on Tuesday 18 February 2014


Xcorps 25. MOTOSK8 -seg.5- The Xcorps TV shoot crew rolls coast to coast in this featured episode including crazy west coast action with team MotoSK8 racing gas powered inline skates down California coast highway 101, a trip to the east coast with a look at a music talent factory in Massachusetts followed with the Kottonmouth Kings band recording at their label in L.A. Dynamic duo host team J and RoZ open things up from Burbank rolling into Suburban NoiZe Records on a Sunday to see what the punk rap band Kottonmouth Kings has going. Daddy X talks about the band and the lifestyle company SRH - Supporting Radical Habits. Jason and Roslyn hang with band members DLOC and The TAX man as tracks are laid to their new CD/album. Check out the live miX Daddy X puts down for the Xcams! After that RoZ and J thro to the X Guru Eric Ducharme who introduces the viewer to an eXciting way to roll- on gas powered inline skates- the MotoSK8. Check out the mind blowing action with 7 members of team MotoSK8 ripping down scenic So. Cal coast highway 101 powered by Kottonmouth Kings song UR Done. Lots of fun race action along with resulting chase down by local police. Laws against motorized inlines? See the results. The show then shifts to the East Coast with XC host Jason Lazo visiting his roots hometown, Southbridge Massachusetts where he checks the New England music scene at the ADC - Artist Development Complex created by local Ralph Laconto from a Civil War era factory X cams catch the band Jediah in the cyber studio talking about the complex. Jediah music powered the XC show BASE-2 and it was great to get them on Xcorps in person. Live performance shots of the Ryan Montbleau Band flavors the segment as well. Jason then throws it back to the West coast with the X Guru and team MotoSK8 pulling moves on their motorized skates. Eric D talks with rider Dan Brittson about the 2 stroke blades specs and out of the box top speed. More wild action here along with some good stair jumps and a look at the Kotton Mouth Kings new video King Klick. Then its back to Suburban NoiZe Records for more live tracks from Tax and Daddy X rapping out another fresh tune. The show wraps with Roslyn and J throwing to another MotoSK8 speed stunt by skater Bret Thomas. Thanks to riders Rich Hopkins, Matt Paladini, Dan Brittson, Erin Gendle, and Eric Ducharme for making it happen.
A J.S.Edmondson Film
TRT-29:30 Seg.5 TRT-3:31 10/05
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