Xcorps Action Sports TV #33.) WAKE-3 seg.1

Uploaded on Sunday 10 November 2013


Xcorps 33. WAKE 3 -seg.1- Produced with Wakeworld this Xcorps episode features the hosting talents of the sweet Crystal Fambrini along with extreme wakeboarding moves from world pro's Jimmy Wolf, Sean Obrien and Mike Schwenne ripping big on scenic So Cals Lake San Vicente. Shot in HD and swathed in California sunshine its one big move after another as Crystal coaxes the riders for more wake action! Great new videos and music from RIVE featuring SIKTH, DEMONS and WIZARDS, SILVERSUN PICKUPS, REVELATION THEORY, A CHANGE OF PACE and WHOLE WHEAT BREAD back the action. Only on Xcorps do you see action sports edited into new tech music vids. Segments one and two roll with fast hard action from the Euro band Demons and Wizards along with the colorfully creative cutout GFX video from U.S. band Silversun Pickups. Wake riders Wolf and Obrien show off their respective styles with multiple big air moves slow mowed for full effect. Not many wipeouts on this shoot folks but we did include some! Scream Metal Miles Davis style fusion rock Euro band Sikth unleashes their song video 'Bland Street Bloom' to viewers. Sick wake action continues right alongside! After the break the action returns to the hard rock beat from Revelation Theory cranking their song "Slow Burn' through their amps and heads this time cut to wake action from 'Cali' golden boy Mike Schwenne rolling out his smooth big style. Next host Crystal Fambrini talks with major. online wake site founder Dave Williams of Wakeworld.com about his cyber mag. Cool place to surf and watch this XC episode! A little pop rock from the band A Change of Pace follows with 'Tube-Cam' shots of Sean Obriens wake moves from shooter Johnny Porter. Nice! It's all about great shots and great music on the Xcorps! The last segment opens with a hilarious and spirited drinking song down under style called 'Old Man Sampson' performed by Whole Wheat Bread from Jacksonville Florida. Crystal talks with rider Mike Schwenne about his gear and what bad things can happen if your bindings are loose! The show wraps with a 'Coming Soon' look at what to expect on the next episode of The Xcorps - Championship Off Road Racing - Baja destruction style! Killer new XC grafix debuts in this episode. Released 12/2006 A J.S.Edmondson Film See the Action Hear the Music Join the Xcorps! Trt.29:30 Seg.1 TRT-2:58 Closed Captioned
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Language: English

Length: 2:58

Country: United States