Xcorps Action Sports TV #44.) PADDLEBOARD seg.5

Uploaded on Wednesday 26 March 2014


Xcorps 44. PADDLEBOARD -seg5- This special BIG X WAVE episode smashes the screen with host Jason Lazo in Hawaii hanging with tow in surf hombres Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala ripping big waves in Hawaii and Tahiti and in California a look at the sport of open ocean long distance paddle boarding featuring the 32 mile Catalina classic. Jason opens the show from scenic Cardiff Reef California where a group of local watermen are on the beach talking about their recent ocean race paddling from the island of Catalina to the So California coastal town of Manhattan Beach - a distance of 32 miles! Jason talks to top seated arm paddlers Tim Fischer, Brian Szymanski and George Plsek about the endurance ocean journey which began back in 1928 with Tom Blake taking just under 6 hours to make the arm paddle trip. Check out the cool scenes with heli shots over the exotic Mediterranean looking village of Avalon on Catalina Island where the paddle race began. Great POV Xcam shots here putting the viewer on board with the athletes. Eddy Grants song The Struggle fits the action in this tough arm burning historic race. Check the pod of Pilot Whales rolling the coarse! After the break Jason and the X crew head to the North Shore of Hawaii to meet with big wave tow-in surfers Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala for a look at a niche end of surfing bringing on the biggest adrenalized rush! The boys from team Hawthorne are rolling their jetski and go big phat and fast for the Xcorps cameras! See them tow in to ride monster walls off the North shore at a break called Log Cabins, off Maui with the freight trains at Jaws and in Tahiti jamming the infamous teal tubes of Teahoopu. The next segment tows in with more massive surf shots and roaring waves cut with Japanese indie band legend BORIS winding up their strings with their new video Statement riding alongside the action. Only on Xcorps! Jason talks with board masters Garrett and Kealii about the sport and recent overhead conquests. Garrett raps about how it feels to be just in front of rolling tons of water and what viewers could do to get that feeling! Kealii talks about his recent trip to California to test ride Mavericks. See the details on the guys who ride and the state of the boards now used to roll these mega waves. Insane shots as usual including the wild tow rope cam and sweet sea turtle footage under the waves! SubNoiZe band Dirtball feeds the need here with their song I'm Not. Not a band to back down and we appreciate it here on Xcorps where we let the music roll with the action! Jason opens the last segment from the Cardiff Reef beach with paddlboarder and local PIPES surf cafe chain owner Tim Fischer talking about how he felt at the start and end of a 32 mile open ocean paddle. Always the comedy on Xcorps! The show wraps back at North Shore Hawaii with the big wave legends and a promise of more action and music next week on Xcorps. Additional music from David Huber and Mower. Thanks to Hawaiimana Nutrition and Hawaii Action Sports for some of the big wave shots in this show. Aloha and mahalo! Closed Captioned. See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps! 10/08 original airdate. The Xcorps A J.S.Edmondson Film
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Language: English

Length: 3:36

Country: United States