Xcorps Action Sports TV #5.) PAINTBALL seg.4 HD

Uploaded on Thursday 5 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #5.)"PAINT BALL"-seg.4 HD- The X Corps team meets at one of the largest paint ball compounds on the west coast - Mr. Paintball- to duel hard with opponents from team Vengeance in this adrenalized war games episode.
Paintball is an action sport growing faster than snowboarding and is statistically safer than golf and in various forms has become part of X sports scene. The game is popular for its high adrenaline levels and can be played indoors or out though it requires one to be physically fit and mentally sharp to compete with success and not get marked.
X Corps players Roslyn, Jason, Eric and Bob gear up with PMI Piranha paintball markers and a "Don't Tread On U.S." attitude. Squad leader and pro player 'Achilles' leads the way through various combat environments from tree covered hills and trenches to room to room urban duals all powered by fresh tunes from Maverick records including a cool song by the Paul Oakenfold-Ice Cube duo.

Hear the semi-automatics pop with welts raised on X Corps players and opponents in scenes with Bob Woodard rushing an enemy truck, Eric Ducharme taking friendly fire, Jason Lazo as urban guerilla and Roslyn Bradle getting captured and slammed in jail. Feel what an ambush feels like in a training exercise massacre scene shown in slow motion involving compound Special Forces players. The horror!
Also on this show is a new video from the Maverick records band Prodigy performing 'Babys Got a Temper'. Got milk? Then XC hosts Roslyn and Jason test ride the cool new Big Boy Scooters in Santa Monica Ca. See the new V-5 full suspension 55 cc 4-stroke model perform in a race between the XC hosts. These units fold easily into a car trunk and are a blast to ride! See -www.bigboyscooters.com

The show wraps with a coming soon preview and some sick helicam footage from the Long Beach to Catalina speed H2o races. This XC episode is an American original. WhooAAAhhh!!!

This show is kicked with music from The Rolling Stones and Dr. Dre, Paul Oakenfold and Ice Cube, Prodigy, Deftones, Carla Werner and Perry Farrell. See http://www.maverickrecords.com and www. mrpaintballfield.com Train hard! Let's Roll! XC Studios San Diego Ca
TRT- 29:30
created by J.S.Edmondson 10/02
Close Captioned ©2011
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Language: English

Length: 6:00

Country: United States