Xcorps Encinitas Classic Cruise Nights 3

Uploaded on Wednesday 5 February 2014


Xcorps Action Sports TV Presents Encinitas Classic Cruise Nights 3 - Xcorps TV is based in Encinitas California where there is a classic car event called ‘Cruise Night’ where car owners bring out their custom and classic cars to meet and show them off!
Xcorps TV filmed some really sweet rides including a 1949 Mercury owned by Jeff Maher. Check out Jeffs custom daily driver! We love to find people with classic vehicles they actually drive! We believe cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed not to be ‘trailer queened’.
Right on Coast Highway 101 is one of the coolest motor car events in San Diego called Encinitas Classic Cruise Nights now featured in this special film release.
Xcorps cameras and motorhead TV host Scott Sommers reports from the downtown Encinitas car culture event.
Classic Cruise Nights is organized and promoted by DEMA - the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association. This super fun casual and friendly motor gathering is held every 3rd Thursday evening from June through September attracting a large cross section of people who also come to enjoy the live music and many restaurants along main street.
Check out the wild mix of rides covering several blocks of classic cars including Xcorps mascot car The Unit a 1971 LeMans Sport driven by Jason Lazo representing Pontiac here on main street. Great action here too with plenty of shots of cars cruising and reving the strip here in Encinitas backed by music from local band Fang!
Xcorps cameras even caught 'Elvis' making some classic moves of his own! Stay Tuned!
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
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