Xcorps Motorsports BARONA DRAGS

Uploaded on Friday 31 January 2014


Xcorps Motorsports Presents - The BARONA DRAGS - The reporter talent team of Jason Lazo and Scott Sommers head to the Barona Dragstrip in Lakeside California for some all American muscle car race action in this special video presentation.
You can smell the rubber burn with Jason Lazo hanging trackside as the drag lineup goes non-stop. Sorry NO eco friendly green rides here, just classic U.S. made muscle cars hooking up on the sticky rubberized track - many easily topping 100mph in 8th of mile distance! Plenty of great shots from above the track by the Xcorps drone X chopper cam!
Its Vette vs Nova, Plymouth vs Buick, Dodge vs Chevy all burning loud and proud!
Check out the Challenger vs Camaro motor duel complete with in car POV speed-cam for a look from the drivers seat! Jason walks the track checking out the rides and reports on the action that includes a 1967 Mustang vs a 1970 Buick Skylark racing straight at the Xcorps cameras! Jason talks with female driver Nicole Starling of team Hodges who warms up her 1967 Chevy II. See what she says just before her fateful and near tragic race down the track all caught on Xcorps Destructo Vision HD cameras! Jason talks with Nicole about her run and then talks with track co-owner Don Julian who says how easy it is for just about anyone to race their own car on the drag track!
Also see Rick Reynolds in his 1971 Ford Pinto - a 1035 HP tube frame rocket sled! Check out his neck jerking runs down the track juiced by a new tune from the Suburban Noize band Hed Pe. Additional music from FANG. Thanks to So.Cal Paintworks and the Barona Drag track for assistance in this film.
Just another day behind the wheel on The Xcorps!
Drag Baby Drag! 6-2010
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
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