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Uploaded on Monday 17 March 2014


Xcorps MUSIC Presents - Black Water Rising - Xcorps Music and RIVE Video promotions presents a music video from the band Black Water Rising doing their song ‘No Halos’.
Here on Xcorps we deliver with many styles of music from all over the world and we try to miX it up and let a lot of voices be heard! On Xcorps big points are given to a music videos overall production style in simply showing the band playing their music! This video - No Halos – got our vote on style too!

Show host Jason Lazo opens up the segment from New Jersey at the world headquarters for RIVE video promotions in Red Bank. Jason is hanging with owner John Warden and Nick Paolise who appear with an X salute before the Black Water Rising video rolls! Thanks BIG to RIVE for all their great videos and to Giddy Up Records for this particular featured vid.

This video is fully metallic and should be played at HIGH volume or not at all. The lyrical message stirs it up with atomic blast destruction force and imagery of mankind at worst behavior mode reminding us of our social and spiritual responsibilities…I think?!

Black Water Rising does rise up and rolls as hard as structural steel anchored in the bands native Brooklyn New York City bedrock with thick old and new school metal chords and a blatant dark and somewhat depressing statement that spiritual HALOS simply do not exist above any ones head on this Earth!
Didn’t John Lennon too say that, in just a less metallic way!?

Sure the old school Church will object but the No Halo we are all guilty of something concept does deserve a place in the human spiritual argument. On musical performance and as far as this band goes - Black Water Rising lays down a convincing heavy metal argument and demonstrate they are hard working great stage performers as well as full metal jacket melody makers! Thanks for Joining The Xcorps!

Rob Traynor - singer songwriter
Mike Meselsohn - drummer
Johnny Fattoruso - guitarist
Oddie McLaughlin - bassist

Super video direction from Noah Shulman who shot this video in a cool black and white film style and includes a wild out of his mind - some type of preacher guy - in the cutaways from band scenes! Who is that guy!? Please contact Xcorps ASAP!
J.S.Edmondson 3/2012 TRT-5:18
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Language: English

Length: 5:18

Country: United States