Xcorps Presents Charger Steve’s WILD RIDES California

Uploaded on Tuesday 19 November 2013


Xcorps Presents Charger Steve’s WILD RIDES Pacific Beach California - Xcorps TV returns to San Diego's Pacific Beach to cover the crazy ACTION music GIRLS and custom CARS at an event called Charger Steve’s WILD RIDES and Classic Car Showdown!
This Xcorps encore presentation features San Diego at its Summer finest with 3 blocks of streets near the Pacific ocean closed to modern traffic and open only for a great times especially for classic and custom car and bikini contest lovers!
Event creator and promoter and MC showman Charger Steve Lordigyan puts on a yearly car event with a WILD reputation! The action and music roll in this Xcorps encore presentation with the X cams returning again this year to shoot the cars and girls at the beach!
Classic nitro burning dragsters like Bill Pitts original 70’s era ‘The Magicar’ was on hand revving it up for the hands to ears audience along with the ‘Wild Thang’ throwing 30-foot flames into the air!
Xcorps cameras rolled on a cool chase race down the street with classic police vehicles following an original 1969 “General Lee” Dodge Charger from the ’79 -’85 CBS TV series ‘Dukes of Hazard’ owned by Charger Steve - which explains how he got his nick name!
Powering the piece is a RIVE promoted car music video from Cleveland Ohio rock band ‘Unsaid Fate’ – nice fit!
On hand to reunite with her Dodge Charger was cast member Catherine Bach known in the series as the sexy ‘Daisy Mae Duke’ whose character is credited for making the hip high cut jean look forever all American famous!
Steve talks to Catherine about the PB car event and how she feels about reuniting with her Charger!
The show segment wraps with more parading cars and beautiful bikini clad girls and some fast hip swinging belly dance moves all on a hot summer day at a California beach!
Additional music from Encinitas band FANG.
See The Action Hear the Music Join The Xcorps!
Stay Tuned!
10/2013 J.S.Edmondson TRT- 9:50
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