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Xcorps ROAD TOUR OREGON LAVA CAVES HD - The cross USA road trip continues from Idaho to Oregon with show host Jason Lazo rolling down Highway 97 south of Bend stopping at a place called the Newberry National Volcanic Monument to eXplore the Lava River Cave.

Not far from the Lava Cast Forest this cave is a 5,211-foot long continuous lava tube - the longest in Oregon and a place worth checking out!
This volcanic area is now part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, managed by the USDA Forest Service.

Though it is mid August Jason puts on an extra shirt because its unexpectedly cold in the caves- 42F – a place that molten lava rivers used to flow 80,000 years ago!

Music sound track from the So Cal based metal hip-hop band The Almighty Grind with their songs Sun God and See It Through setting a spooky mood as Jason drops into blackness and the XCAMS go night-vision to follow his dark decent!

Great spooky eerie video footage along the way including smooth Lava Tube sidewalls and crystal formations showing the direction of the flow that moved along this path like a river 80,000 years ago!
It gets cold fast as breath can be seen and sound goes from echoes to dead flat because the tube narrows along its one mile path!
Check out the scene at the end where the walls of the Lava Tube close in tight and Jason hears his own heart beat! Not the place for the claustrophobic!

More lunar landscape scenes topside with another track from The Almighty Grind and Jason hitting the road for more interesting places along a massive coast to coast cruise stretching from Boston to San Diego called The Xcorps Road Tour! Next stop Crater Lake – Stay Tuned!

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