Xcorps TV NITRO CIRCUS with Dirty Little Rabbits (PROFANE)

Uploaded on Sunday 15 September 2013


Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Special NITRO CIRCUS LIVE with Dirty Little Rabbits (profane version) – Xcorps TV went nitro giganta in this special X video featuring ridiculously insane extreme FMX, BMX, SKATE action led by ringmaster Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus LIVE team at their private practice session in Pala California.
This big air action sports video session shot at the private Nitro X compound in southern California is mixed and matched with a profanely expressive music video from Iowa indie rock band Dirty Little Rabbits. Holy **** it’s all about the songs meaning folks!

Shot by Xcorps cameras at a practice session on the Pala Indian Reservation in Pala California this is PART 3 of the Xcorps NITRO CIRCUS LIVE SPECIAL REPORT featuring the X sports practice session. Check out the non stop action cut with music from The End records and RIVE promoted band Dirty Little Rabbits featuring a emotionally charged performance by sexy band lead Stella Katsoudas doing the title song “Professional Hit”. YIKES please excuse her profane bombs but put yourself in Stellas shoes!

Check out the casual BIG AIR insanity here hosted by Xcorps guest host Rat Sult himself owner of some of the early X Gold! Rat rolls the scene and catches Nitro POGO master Fred Grzybowski hucking back flips on his custom high powered pogo stick! Rat talks to ‘Pogo Fred’ about his tour with this extreme circus! Check out some of his insane overhead moves and his casual ripping style!

The Nitro Circus LIVE event tour came to the US from Australia making its North America debut in Las Vegas June 4, 2011 and with Pastrana at the lead is making action sports history!
Let it be know Xcorps rolled on the action here first here in Pala!

Just another day on The Xcorps!
Stay Tuned!
Thanks to Travis Pastrana team Nitro Circus, Rogers and Cowan and RIVE video promotions for assistance in this production.
Additional music by San Diego band FANG.
A J.S.Edmondson Film 8/2013 TRT- 8:30
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Language: English

Length: 8:30

Country: United States