Xcorps TV presents ANZA of Anza-Borrego Desert

Uploaded on Tuesday 27 August 2013


Xcorps TV presents ANZA - On The Trail of an Extreme Explorer!
One of the largest state parks in the United States lies 2 hours east of San Diego – Anza Borrego State Park. The light and landscape here is amazing though it can be a formidable place to shoot because of extreme temperatures and remote locations. If you want to find plenty of great nature shots away from the tourist crowds Borrego is the place!

My background is in the area of extreme sports and I have often worked with people who have pushed the limits for the I’m first to do it thrill along with the bonus of the adrenaline rush!
Shooting In the Borrego landscape can also produce the same rush knowing your camera is rolling and capturing the moment as you are seeing it…for all time!

Recently I drove to Borrego in my 4X4 Jeep choosing a record setting heat wave weekend because I wanted my shots to be devoid of any people or human presence and the heat warning in the Press would do just that! I brought 2 coolers filled with ice cold drinks and drove for miles and miles in the Borrego Park on dusty boulder covered desert roads without seeing another person or vehicle all day long! The outside temperature was around 110F and the midday sun made the desert feel like you’re inside a microwave oven! I moved in slow motion and kept my camera gear as protected as possible getting most of the good shots after 3PM. The ‘Golden Hour” here lasts about 3 hours in and the ONLY audio are your noisy feet and the sounds of the wind, birds, insects and coyotes! No need to yell CUT because of motor sounds in Borrego!

Being in the desert midday you cannot help but think of the animals and plants that could survive this nuclear blast day after day! I also thought of the first explorers who crossed this Borrego Desert including the first western explorer to take on the extreme challenge - a Novo Spaniard named Juan Bautista de Anza who in 1775 led his expedition from Mexico to the current day San Francisco crossing the Borrego desert along the way. Meanwhile a Revolution was going on back East!

In this film I followed some of the trails and roads De Anza had traveled on his way through the desert and rested at a shady cool sweet smelling oasis with a fresh flowing stream Anza had also camped at. I could not help thinking that these were the same desert sights and sounds De Anzas expedition experienced more than 200 years ago exploring the unknown …amazing and by today’s standards eXtreme!
Special Thanks to California State Park station Anza Borrego and the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce in the making of this film.
J.S.Edmondson – ANZA
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