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People came before companies.
People came before products.
That is why You come before it all.

《you. @ Film Annex - Be Madonna, Be a Mobster or be you.》
The HBO series Entourage costs $120,000 per minute. The average Hollywood movie cost is $722,000 per minute. What should we spend for YOU?

Film Annex has developed a film product for you. that has a variety of formats to document the lives of Politicians, Entertainers, Sports Celebrities, Reality TV personalities, Diplomats, CEO's and other individuals that want to present their lives in an entertaining and glamorous film.
In this video, Francesco Rulli of Film Annex explains 4 different styles of videos. They are:
1. Interview Style - Filmmaker Abel Ferrara discusses with Francesco Rulli the relationship with NATO. This a good example of a business and opinions interview style with a Film Annex twist;
2. Passion - Everyone has a passion. In the second example, Film Annex features Model Chris Collins driving his Harley Davidson;
3. Sports - Boxer Rob Evans explains how boxing is a very important part of his life;
4. Lifestyle - Bouncer Chronicles is a detailed description of unbelievably true stories told through the eyes of New York City bouncers. It takes you behind the velvet rope into club life and lifestyles of Bouncers and Club Goers. Topics range from Madonna to Mobsters!

《you. @ Film Annex -成为麦当娜,成为一个流氓,或者成为you.》

Film Annex 所策划制作的you. 以多种形式去记录政治家,专业演艺人员,体育名人,真人实境秀明星,外交官,首席执行官等人物的生活,并将之以一种有趣、具娱乐性和迷人的方式呈现在影片中。
在这段视频中,Film Annex 的首席执行官-弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli) 解释了这四种不同风格的影片。它们分别是:
1. 采访风格(Interview Style) - 美国独立导演阿贝尔费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)和弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli)一起讨论与北约组织(NATO)的关系。一个将事体和观点、看法巧妙融合在一起的采访风格,这是一个很好的例子;
2. 热情(Passion) - 每个人都有一种热情。在此例子中,Film Annex 以模特-克里斯柯林斯(Chris Collins)驾驶着他最爱的哈雷摩托车做为影片的特色;
3. 运动(Sports) - 拳击手罗伯埃文斯(Rob Evans)谈到了拳击在他的生活里是非常重要的一部分;
4. 生活方式(Lifestyle) – 《保镖记述史》(Bouncer Chronicles)详细地记录着纽约市的保镖们亲眼所见而且令人难以置信的真实故事。我们呈现给您在天鹅绒绳后面的俱乐部生活,以及保镖和俱乐部爱好者的生活方式。主题范围从麦当娜到流氓都有!


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