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Sean King -

Currently the Editor, Photographer and Designer for the street press magazine FINGER -

My photography experience is quite extensive including the operation of my own studio in Northbridge western Australia for some years. Following is a short list of some of my experience;

- MODEL PORTFOLIO work for Agencies in Western Australia
- PORTRAITURE work for corporate and private clients
- COMMERCIAL photography for newsletters, yearly reports and magazines
- FUNCTION photography (including charity work)
- ONSET PHOTOGRAPHER for films such as, “The Decayed” “Surprise” “My Life Oh Roulette” “Snapshots”
- BAND photography for concerts, posters and CD covers
- SPORTS photography including Team Shots
- GALLERY EXHIBITIONS by invitation from galleries
- PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRACTING for other commercial photographers
- PHOTOGRAPHIC JUDGE by invitation for modelling contests

Some of my commercial clients;
- Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
- Western Australian Government
- Adelaide Airport Limited
- Becks
- Coca Cola
- Havaianas

I have worked as a motion camera person on many projects. I also do post production work.

- CAMERA OPERATOR DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY for short films, “My Life Oh Roulette” “Short and Curly – Garotted Epiglottis”
- DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY for the mini-series pilot "A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute"
- DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY for the music video "Bad Dreams"
- STEADYCAM AND CAMERA OPERATOR for the feature film, “The Forest”
- CAMERA MAN / POST PRODUCTION EDITOR for StreetTV including event and function filming (concerts, bands and party events)
- CORPORATE VIDEO for RAA and Adelaide Airport Limited
- CAMERA OPERATOR AND SOUND for the short film “The Rose”

My Post Production work is as follows;
- Music Video "Bad Dreams"
- "The Night is Cold"
- Mini Series Pilot "A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute"
- Short film “Short and Curly – Garrotted Epiglottis”
- Short film “My Life Oh Roulette”
- Short film “The Slayer”
- Short Film “Regrets”
- RAA corporate video
- Adelaide Airport Limited HSE launch DVD

Directing work;
- "Bad Dreams"
- "The Night is Cold"
- "A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute"
- “Short and Curly – Garrotted Epiglottis”
- “My Life Oh Roulette”
- “The Slayer”
- “Regrets”

My graphic design experience is varied.

- Poster and DVD cover work for the feature film “CAMILLA HYDE”
- Poster and DVD covers for the short film “THE DECAYED”
- Music CD cover for SEBASTIAN HALL (pianist)
- Music CD cover for IAIN WRIGHT “Keep it Stupid Simple”
- Poster design for anti-drug campaign ads
- Graphic design for numerous websites

I have much experience as a writer including over 1,000 poems, 30 short stories and 9 film scripts. I also am currently writing 2 novels for publishing in 2010/11. My poetry book titled EMPIRE OF THE MIND was published in May 2009.