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Jen Bautista Jugadora

Today is Tuesday. It was local holiday here , in our place, specifically in our baranggay. No classes,  I have nothing  to……

by joreana

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Minato Konoha

Photo credit: Does boredom come to you from time to time? It occurs to me once in a while. When it comes,……

by Minato

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really sleepy

Bronson Escaner

I'm writing this blog so I don't get bored while drinking a 2 liter bottle of mugs rootbeer. I'm so sleepy that my forehead grinds……

by bronson-escaner

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Following 100.

JB Loves

Finally, had time to subscribe to some of the users. And I'm currently following 100. Daebak. This is niceeeeee! :)

by ItsJB

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