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Masha and The Bear
Anne Hathaway Talks About the Songs…
Anne Hathaway Explains Relationship…
I Told Anne Hathaway, “I Told You…
Anne Hathaway Calls me CUTE! Watch…
Why Anne Hathaway Made "Song One!"
What Anne Hathaway Thinks of the Philippines!…
Cute dog
Update 44
Update 42
Update 40
Update 37
Day 3 Update 3
Day 3 Update 1
Update Day 3
Horse Tail Flick
Improvements Day 2
Extra motion
innocent child
Sumie trying to jump on pillow!
Free Love
An Interview With the Stars of "Little…
Little Boxes - Episode 3 - "lovesick"…
Little Boxes - Episode 2 - "carnival"…
Little Boxes - Episode 1 - "stud-eye-ing"…
Little Boxes Intro (Teaser)
Kawaii 5-2: Shrimpkins
Waking Gus
Snowflakes in the Forest - by English…
MILK - Is it me or is he cute?

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Thousands of snails doe daily. Thats why i do my best to save them and bring hem to the safety of the forest. They are very gentle……

by Ash_Crimson

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kubra khan


Kubra Khan is a Pakistani actress and fashion model. She made her film debut in the 2014 Pakistani comedy-thriller film Na Maloom……


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Mah Noor

My name is mahnoor and i m new user of bitlanders and i want to earn online3  and i want many many friends so please subscribe……

by mah-noor-4009

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Memories of Pet Society

Le Telisia

Found some of my old photos of Pet Society -feeling nostalgic. Front yard: Playroom: Bathroom: Cake house (mystery room): Garden……

by ShyLe

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Quote panda

Angeles Bajonero

  The episode begins in a market, bears receive free samples of each trader are there, when one of the vendors gives Panda for……

by angeles-bajoneros

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We Bare Bears

Angeles Bajonero

Is a series of American animated television created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network, it is a comedy starring three bears brothers,……

by angeles-bajoneros

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love and romance


a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by……

by zubairzubi

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Maya Ali

Hafsa Ahmed

Personal life: childhood: with her sister Early career and modelingAli started her career as video jockey at SAMAA……

by Dream_Angel

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I begin to feel that i lose the ability to connect with others. I am unable to speak. What are we talking about? What do you say?……

by axus

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Abid Khan

  Save Animals for our world.Animals are very cute and very importent for our life. I love the Wild Rescue teams,

by abid-khan

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Beauty of Pakistan


Tourism in Pakistan has been stated by the Lonely Planet as being "tourism's ‘next big thing’ for more years than we care……

by Ahmed3207

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My Lovely Nala


This is my lovely cat Nala! She is really cute & fluffy and all that. She likes to eat cat food . She has a home , i give her……

by outlandishguy

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Abid Khan

Kashmir very cute and charming views, but it is full of the blood of enemies read his rivers are given. The people of Kashmir……

by abid-khan

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My childhood dream:)

Irene Villamero Paschel

When i was a little girl ,my favorite cartoon is about 2 chipmunks ( i forgot the title) they always picked apples and keep it in……

by eneri

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Kanga Roo the Kitty

Rhanz Ferrer

I love reading tons of articles over the internet and I always choose topics about animals or pets. While reading, I came around with……

by Rhanz

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girl so cute sachz na

Nhat Truong

She really has a shinny smileName Sachzna Laparan Live : Dasmariñas - phillipine……

by nhat-truong

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Irene Mañalac Faminial

               I was wondering if the glitch or bugs here in Bit are intentional or untentional.……

by Lady_Irene

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Practice English

Moh Sodik

it is the video taken in Sanur beach @Bali when my students got speaking final examination to practice their English with some foreigners……

by moh-sodik

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Cause She's So Cute!

Daryl Gray Belen

Some of you might notice this cute young lady had conquered my movies section! Yeah, I can't deny the fact that her accent plus her……

by Yuukidha

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Our Pet Dog

Ethel De Luna

  When acquiring a dog as a pet, one should make sure that they settle for a dog whose temperament matches their own and not……

by thel-smiley

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A short poem

Boy Ginta

They crowned Him with thornsHe was beaten with strapsHe was wounded and nailed to the treeBut the pain in His heartWas the hardest……

by boy-ginta

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My chicks!!!!!


Now I had brought chicks to my home. They were 5 chicks. They are so small and beautiful. They are of pink colour. They only eat bird……

by shonimano

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Rod Sison

  my cute niece. Isn't she pretty? She is very talented. at the age of 3, she can already spell and read. Maybe my sister in……

by rod-sison

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Cats one of my pet and only one animal which I love to have. I love cats that are reality. I have a lot of information to share with……

by shonimano

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The Host Review

Corey Doyle

Recently in my spare time, I watched a movie called the host. When I first turned on the movie I was expecting a typical story of……

by corey-doyle

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Mohammed Hussein

As a matter of fact Everyone or every animal has his way for self-defense. Some use their minds some use their bodies  some use……

by mohd227

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Choo bin yong

A simple 2d animation. At first it's a simple idea but later on during the process, i added in more content that i think can make……

by choo-bin-yong

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Kanye and Kim

Empowerment Of Women (Blogger: Happy Snail)

KANYE AND KIM’S NORTH WEST CAN CHANGE HER DIRECTION   Celebrities are always under keen scrutiny and under watchful eye……

by KateSuperstar

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