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Cricket match (Pakistan vs west indies…
Toyota FT-1 Supra, S60 & V60 Polestar,…
Bande qargha, One of the most beautiful…
Aiuta Creare Arte in Afghanistan: Crediamo…
Support Art and Education in Afghanistan:…
The Longest Way 1.0 - Walk through…
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Brad Powers of Cupcake Digital on Wubbzy…
Brad Powers on Cupcake Digital
How did Cupcake Digital bring Wubbzy…
Cupcake Digital's Shaun Hinklein Talks…
Marine Tad Billmeyer on his Veteran…
Marine Jeff Moore on his Veteran Experience…
Marine Luke Sanford on his Veteran…
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Marine Luke Deer on his Veteran Experience…
"Hereafter" Movie Review
Maria de Medeiros actress in Hitler…
Fremont Colors

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How many of you use public transportation? Well, I am a daily user and I can't tell you the experiences I have had. I started to wonder……

by Tammy73

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There was a game I loved most. As a child I played it with friends within a quarter of our polygon yard. We would call out to each……


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Here is my hello from Montenegro!  At the moment me and my wife stay in this wonderful country. I am an independent designer,……

by Whitehoune

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Lessons of Life


Image Credits:  Hello everyone! I am again here. I hope all of your enjoying my posts. This post……

by Kiran-Abid

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all we hear that man get lesson with their past experiences. these are the people and situatios that teach us lesson. by passing of……

by abilena

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learn English

My Hat Tieu

Hello everybody My name is Diem My. I participated bitlanders 2 months In addition to income earned here was a game to help me improve……

by my-hat-tieu

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My immunity


Meet my nephew. I love him so much. I believe he is my immunity because whenever i see him i feel better, i forget everything and……

by Liza20

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JB Loves

“It’s okay, you know. All of it. How he’s not thinking of you, not the way you want him to. How you’re missing……

by ItsJB

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Today's Topak and Topic

Lonie Sief

Palagay ko, di lang ako ang babaeng may times na sinusumpong ng topak. May day or time na wala ka talaga sa mood magsalita at makipagchikahan.……

by Lonie

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When You Fall In Love.

Blue Hype Design Bhd

  How do you feel when you fall in love? Does it have a lingering effect on you? Ah, love, you can’t see it, you can only……

by iBit

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Sumith Bubbler

Postcolonial feminist argue that oppression relating to the colonial experience, particularly racial, class, and ethnic oppression,……

by sumith-bubbler

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Powered by Magnum

Maureen Mendoza

My boyfriend loves Magnum Ice Cream. Actually he had his first Magnum when he visited me years back in Singapore (tell you Magnum……

by HiraiaSama

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Its A Great Day

Marlene Golloso

A great Morning to all of you I hope its a good day to all of us! Its a new experience to begin again for us to enjoy life. No matter……

by marlene-golloso

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Few years back when I was a high school student, often I came across advertisements for jobs. Most of these advertisements had a column……

by SalmaAnnex

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Trust that the future will be well. That any difficulties will be resolved and that your dreams will be realized. We all create our……

by mariahamidy

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Bat Tattoos

malika shah

Bat tattoos are one of the unique and extremely rare tattoos in animal’s tattoos.  Bat is only animal which is mammal and……

by malikashah

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Culture Shock


Have you ever faced with a surprising and astonishing situation in a foreign country? Each country has its own culture and values……

by paradise94

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1000 mabrouk:

Mohammed Hussein

1000 mabrouk is a famous Egyptian movie. And the work mabrouk means congratulations. We say it in Arabic 1000 mabrouk as it is an……

by mohd227

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Interview Skills

Mohammed Hussein

What is an interview? An interview is a conversation between the employer and the potential candidate, for both to learn more about……

by mohd227

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South Asian Culture

Cosmin F. Negru

South Asia includes countries like India, Iran, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. South Asian culture……

by thecosmos

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