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Marilyn in Jerusalem
Valenberg Jerusalem Social Club Part…
Valenberg Jerusalem Social Club
First lesson in love Trailer
Jerusalem-Taken From The Surface

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Bait ul Muqadas

Zee Ali

this picture is taken at Bait ul Muqadas(Jerusalem) only 60 years before in this picture we can see how freely Muslims are offering……

by zee-ali-07

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This year in jerusalem

Isreel Productions

A new day and a new year, shana tova! As I walked out my house on way to bet Knesset on Erev Rosh hashonnah. I and other Jews on shabbath……

by isreel

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Jerusalem is a city scared to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Muslims captured the city in days of Hazrat Umar, but the Arabs usually……

by umairfilmannex

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Pray every day


BELIEVERS PRAY EVERY DAY Prayer is a key aspect in a multitude of religions across the globe including the Islamic, Catholic……

by mona-mee

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