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Maddy Jarmon live at Toshi's Living…
How to Better Handle Your Emotions
"Starships" Cover
I Love it When You Call Me Big Poppa…
"Just the Two of Us" Cover
"The Way I Am" Cover
"Shake Your Body" Cover
"Treasure" Cover
Cover of George Michael's "Faith"
"Don't Know Why" Cover
"Georgia on My Mind" Cover
"Moon River" Cover
Rom.a.ntica a Fashion Film Directed…
#InTheLab w Montel Williams on the…
in3D (2013)
PAz ~ A Fashion Film by Luca Finotti…
Dawn Of The Living Dead

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The Metabolism....

ahsan ali

Metabolism is the essential function of living matter; On it build up all other living qualities. That was on March 25th. Already……

by ahsan-ali

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A city is a scary place


Since I live my whole life in a city, I never really stop to think about how scary a city can be.   When I speak to some migrant……

by 7788

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Sample Room


SAMPLE ROOM Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes……

by Mabey

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Anwar Choo


by anwar-choo

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Live and Code

Faizi Khan

Coding in my opinion is the way of living and learning which teaches us how to think in a different way then others :-) It helped……

by faizikhan2020

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Faizan Akhtar

You said I was crazy to sign up for an extreme long-distance relationship. You were wrong. I live in Orlando. He lives in Australia.……

by faizan-akhtar

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Sickness and health

Abid Khan

  Sickness and health Disease and health in human life comes, but in every situation a person should thank Allah. Health When……

by abid-khan

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She Cries in Her Heart


  Yesterday when I got out of my English class, I got on the bus to come home. There was an empty seat and I sat there, but after……

by Afwebco

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Avoid Tobacco Use

Lhai Alvarez

Tobacco use is the most important preventable illness and cause of death in the U.S., according to the National CancerInstitute……

by lhai-alvarez

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Am I Finally Home!?...

Xiao Un

The Three Pressing Needs: My own place of stay (home), working (via online/the internet) in my new home, and having my two new heart-adopted……

by Xiao-Un13

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Way of Life

Uzzaier Lone

Whether you have a SUZUKI or a BMW,  the road remains the same. Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination……

by Lone1

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Life Growth

Richard Aclon

Never stop learning from where you are now for our life grows every seconds, every minutes, every hour, every day.  In order……

by richard-aclon

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here in US

Masuma Ibrahimi

I moved to US from June. Already miss family and friends and do my best to find new freinds and make a pleasent environment around……

by masuma-ibrahimi

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Industrial Areas


There was a time that the most of people lived in a village the atmosphere of the village was clean pleasant and there was peace no……

by Janifer

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Life and Death


Life and death both are the enemies of one another; in the presence of one, other doesn’t exist. They are like two ends of stream……

by zainbabu

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shakir jan

This is the Pakistan where everyday 70-80 innocent people are being killed in bomb blasts with no reason, where T.V channels have……

by shakirjan

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faridoon barekzai

Almost everywhere on land there is soil it is the material that covers the earth’s surface. Soil is very important because many……

by faridoonbarekzai

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Hope Devote

Imagine flying a helicopter over New York City. So I was recently thinking of some really cool gifts to give to my brother for……

by sky-ish

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Feelin' Like a Pro!

D.K. Upshaw

Well, yesterday I finished, turned in and got paid for the illustrations for the Christian children's book, "A Wren Named Ben".  The……

by dkupshaw

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