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"WARRIOR" Movie Review
Broken Glass (Vidrio Roto)

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Life is precious.


You have only one chance to explore this world. Life is precious. You have to give value to yourself. Respect your abilities. Respect……

by Liza20

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Please Read Me!

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

MIRACLE OF MOTHER VAILANKANNI   There was a miracle in Vailankanni Church, India in the 16th Century. Until today nobody would……

by jalou

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Thần đèn

Vũ Văn Thái

Hai vợ chồng đang chơi gôn tại một sân gôn cực kỳ đắt tiền, bao quanh bởi những ngôi……

by v-vn-thi

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Super Human

Raveel Arain

Super Human is a human with extraordinary and unusual capabilities enabling them to perform feats well beyond anything……

by raveel-arain

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Sometimes when I feel so lonely I think about a power which has created the world and all other creation and this power is certainly……

by SiawashKasra

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The key of success

khan aqa

Every one want to be succeed in the life, as people are engaged in various pursuits of their livelihood there are various concepts……

by khanaqa

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