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Family Versus Work


We all know that weighing the balance of work and family is very difficult. As a mom, I really have the complication of balancing……

by irenemae27

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میری ماں کی ایک آنکھ تھی اور وہ میرے سکول کے کیفیٹیریا میں خانسامہ تھی جس……

by HammadIqbal

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Jhonalyn Barloso

I'm so exited to become a mom. I know it is a full responsibility ahead but I'm ready! I only have few more weeks to go until I finally……

by jhobarloso

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Dear mom !!!


The mother gave written poetry. Thank you for loving life and cares for us. Love you more! Son has never been heard telling his mother……

by thun-1892

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Diary of mom

Nguyễn Thành Trung

On ... Mommy, July and mum! Children taken away from her husband, a long long time to see her. Nearly fifty year old mother but said……

by Funny-Videos

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Be dutiful

Uoc Nguyen

When I go to bed at 11 o'clock at night. Outside the window, the small snowflakes are falling ... *** I got into the blankets, took……

by uoc-nguyen

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Loonely Angel

"Two-thirds of the night had passed and I was praying Tahajjud. Prayer up to drink water in between.... Mother's room to see the passing……

by Villain

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About lithuania


Lithuania is really small country but it is powerfull Lithuania is really small country but it is powerfull Lithuania is really small……

by aurimas61511

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Saeed khan

MY LOVELY MOM  the only personality which is  real gift from ALMIGHTY ALLAH . the only personality which cares her children……

by saqib-umer

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