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My dog 2
My dog
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Memories of Old Awake
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Seven Letters

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old friends


Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is……

by abilena

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Rainy day

IT specialist

      A Rainy Day Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.……

by IT-specialist

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Hassan Umar

160Publish rex_sensei posted 2 months ago #WAR #TIME #TELEVISION source: reward History Read 110 58 hassan-umar-297 posted a minute……

by hassan-umar-297

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Families can be together forever. This is my family back when I was still a primary. This is an old picture but I love it so much……

by eldiesreyneber

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Benefits of Prayer

Abid Khan

Praying (Islamic: Salah, Indo-Pak: Namaz) has such a big power that it illumines the hearts. Offering prayer guarantees the success……

by abid-khan

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my biographi

Inoxent Larka

Hi my real name is arsalan and i am 17 years old and i complete my ssc part 2 exams and i am waiting for result to get admission on……

by inoxent-larka

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asra omid

There's no fool like an old fool. هیچ احمقی مثل یک احمق بیر نیست 

by asra-omid

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Old things

abdul weenab

I am very happy to see these old army belonging .These are awosome .What i think is these are british things before Independence Of……

by abdul-weenab

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Old Friends.

Nirjhor Nir

  Old friends depart this world, new friends seem. it's rather like the times. associate previous day passes, a brand new day……

by BitBossNirjhor

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I am so sad today.Becuse today my buzzscore is 83 and i don't see my name and number in top-30 list.What happend with me i don't no……

by ha43mnakhan

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Babylyn R. Ishizuka

Nowadays Takayama is famous for its well preserved old town dating back to the Edo period. One doesn't visit Takayama seeking religious……

by bhabylyn

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Wu Ming Shi

Similar to Tai Chi, yoga also promotes balance and can prevent risky falls. In addition, yoga strengthens the body and increases flexibility--both……

by 4xyz

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Tai Chi

Wu Ming Shi

With age, people are at greater risk of injury due to falling. Tai Chi promotes balance and works wonders in terms of preventing falls……

by 4xyz

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Muhammad Sohail

Slavery is incredibly previous. It in all probability began once troopers started capturing their enemies in war. rather than killing……

by Bit-Free

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Starting from the early lives and early history of mankind there were no means of communication. People used to send messages through……

by Azmat_Ali

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Waleed Iqbal

I love old timesThat were gold timesMillions have tasted deathAnd millions will taste death How humble people have gone awayNow,their……

by Maani-Annex

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The most beautiful relation we have is the relation of our parents. Without them we are nothing .they give us an identity by giving……

by Janifer

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sport and health


In the name of Allah Sport and health It is clear that everyone likes to enjoy good health and stay healthy but    ……

by yarsadaf

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The First Act

Anita Rasool

An old man asked his ten-year old son , what his first act would be if he were elected president  of the United States . The……

by anita-rasool

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Famous Proverbs

masood khan

  We have heard many times that “Old is Gold”. Every old thing that persists with times will be valuable and precious.……

by masood-khan

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Consumer behavior

Mohammed Hussein

Consumer behavior is how to understand the the behavior of the people and it is very important for any business for knowing and understanding……

by mohd227

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The Notebook


I am not a book critics and don’t know how to write about a book but I am a good reader and craved for books I have never thought……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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Once upon a time there was an old and very experienced man. He had several sons who didn’t have unity with each other. Therefore……

by saheem15saheem

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Moto Robot

РОБОТЫ - Константин Смирнов

Moto robot   Today I have read a news about moto-man. It is one of the first celebrity robots.   Moto-Man is an enormous……

by RobotsandI

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Robots or people?

РОБОТЫ - Константин Смирнов

Robots and I is a blog which will update its post on such topics as: robots, new tech, innovations, etc.  Most of us (adults……

by RobotsandI

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Film Friday

Andy Parker Films

  First of all I would like to introduce you to a new blog series I will be doing entitled 'Film Friday'. This will feature a……

by AndyParker

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