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Why Train Your Dog
Pet Shop Boys - Electric Tour
Pet Shop Boys - Go West
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Lassie - The Painted Hills

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History of Lions

sana ziia

      History Of Lions. We all peoples know about lion.some people says big cat of lion because lion and cat has same……

by sana-ziia

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Dogs are the most cutest and most wonderful pet a person can have, they are loyal, trustworthy and they are so beautiful.  They……

by Jhante

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Spices of Life


There are so many things that make one's life interesting or boring. To think that life is so short will always let us enjoy every……

by acelawrites

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Pat My Pet


PAT MT PET is a public service website developed to provide quality information about every aspect of pet life, an information you……

by HarisArain

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My Dog, Solenn.


Here's my beautiful and lovable dog, Solenn. She always want to cuddle me and sometime in the evening, she howls like a wolf.……

by larah31

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My First Fish Pet

Jean Beltran

I did have mention before that I had a pet fish, my first pet fish was Azule who had been my favorite because it was the first to……

by jean-beltran

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Facts About - Cats

Rhanz Ferrer

Attention-Seeking Behavior  Attention-seeking behavior and excessive vocalization often go hand-in-hand with cats. Causes for……

by Rhanz

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Little Shy Girl, Poem 3

Lisa Schaefer

Please view my short flash animation I made about this poem at:……

by lisasc

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